LinkedIn is indisputably one of the largest business-related social networking sites on the Internet — more than 800 million members from 200+ countries and territories gather here to find opportunities, discover talented candidates, inspire others, and lead through content posting and interaction.

Many of the platform’s active users are business decision-makers, corporate executives, human resources professionals, and entrepreneurs. This environment gives users a wealth of opportunities to connect, grow, and develop.

Also, a person’s LinkedIn profile will typically show up at the top of search results for their name. Therefore, the impression your profile gives could make or break opportunities before you even know about them.

It also means that financial advisors can leverage their LinkedIn profiles as a mini-website which is perfect for those who do not want to spend the time or money for a custom website.
What impression does your LinkedIn profile give?

If you’re like many busy financial advisors, you’ve registered your LinkedIn account and created your basic profile, but you haven’t done much with it.

Maybe you uploaded a photo from that Spring Break Bahamas booze cruise as your profile picture. Perhaps you cut-and-pasted your resume as your profile summary and typed “Looking for financial opportunities” as your headline.

Or, even worse, maybe you didn’t upload a picture or summary at all.

Whatever the case, if you haven’t taken the time to fine-tune your profile, you’re missing out on the chance to attract opportunities with your unique, professional personal brand.

Poorly constructed or sparse profiles give the impression you’re not interested in putting your best foot forward. This can make people hesitant to connect with you or work with you.

Below we have outlined some valuable tips to help you leverage your LinkedIn profile to showcase your brand, skills, and talents for the world to discover.

Keep your information current.

People aren’t interested in connecting with who you were five years ago. They want to know who you are now and what you can do today.

Some users choose profile pictures that are several years (or even a few decades) old. Your profile picture should be current. No one will believe that a business professional with 25 years of experience still looks like a college kid (well, unless you still truly do — lucky you!).

All of your personal and professional data should be regularly updated, as well. If you change jobs or start a new business, update your profile right away to reflect this change.

Make sure to review your older information that you may want to consider deleting, especially if it does not add value to your current goals and experience. Typically, 8-10 years of employment history is plenty. And certainly don’t include that award you got at your junior high science fair (great job, by the way!).

Make your summary matter.

Simply copying and pasting your resume in your profile summary section is generic and bland. Instead, use this space to tell your story — what it is that makes you unique and valuable as a connection.

Stories influence and engage potential connections — any of whom could be your next partner, employer, star recruit, client, or supporter. Don’t be afraid to weave your personal story into your professional narrative in ways relevant to your journey.

Make your profile memorable with a “Welcome” video.

In Creator Mode, you can record a video up to 30 seconds that plays when a user hovers over your profile picture. A video allows you the opportunity to engage potential connections by telling them “face-to-face” what you’re about, why you’re on LinkedIn, and what kinds of professionals you’re likely to connect with.

A welcome video creates an immediate sense of connection that can spark conversations with new connections and make it easier to develop relationships with supporters, buyers, and fans.

A video can also help reduce the time you spend interacting with users who aren’t suitable for your network. Your message should appeal to your audience, but it should also gently guide people who aren’t a good fit elsewhere.

Take advantage of the “Featured Posts” section.

The Featured Posts section allows you to showcase media from multiple sources on your profile page. For example, suppose there is a clip on YouTube in which you explain your expertise and how you can help your audience. With just a few clicks, you can add a link to that video on your profile so potential connections can view the video and learn more about you.

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