Social media is not going away. 82% of people ages 30-49 and 69% of people ages 50-64 use social media daily.

Your prospective clients are using some type of social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to get news, connect with friends, and choose with whom to do business.

As a financial professional, using social media as a marketing tool can be confusing. To simplify this strategy, we’ve put together four best practices for you to add to your digital marketing plan.

Post purposeful content consistently.

People spend a lot of time on social media. It’s become part of nearly everyone’s daily routine. But did you know people spend on average over 3 hours per day on social media?

If you are a business working to increase your marketing strategies, it is essential to utilize and take advantage of the free advertising space that social media provides.

The two most essential factors in utilizing this marketing space correctly are creating purposeful content and posting that intentional content consistently on your social media accounts. Consistently engaging with your clients is key to capturing their attention.

Show your authenticity and integrity in your social media posts.

We all know what it feels like to be sold something and just be viewed as a dollar sign to a large company.

Structuring your posts to include content that drives home the message of what your company stands for and offers will assist in catching consumers’ likes and clicks. Modern consumers aren’t just craving quality products; they want the businesses they patronize to reflect a higher standard of integrity. Clients want their business to matter to you and their success to be your success. This is especially true of clients looking to entrust their financial wellbeing and future with financial professionals. Your content has to be authentic enough to survive the noise of other advertisements on social media. Detail how your knowledge and professionalism can help them with their financial goals and let them know you are there for them and that they are not just your bottom line.

Use quality photos and video to further your image.

Despite the hours spent on social media every single day by the average consumer, any one social media post from your business has only seconds to catch the attention of your target demographic before being scrolled past. To stand apart from the ocean of competition on social media, your content will need to be instantly eye-catching enough to slow down the scrolling and call for further investigation. Ensure that you are investing time and resources in diversifying your social media posts with quality photos and video to acquire plenty of attention and engagement.

Invest in advertising and purchasing leads.

Social media marketing campaigns have made the once mysterious and inaccessible world of digital lead flow an easy marketing strategy to utilize. Investing in social media advertising and purchasing leads has never been easier now that tools like Facebook business manager and Google Ads exist for your company’s benefit. The importance of running ads to your targeted audience and utilizing webpage lead forms can help generate leads that could quickly become profitable client connections. Optimizing your social media is an essential step in implementing your digital marketing strategy, which will ultimately help acquire and retain clients.

Digital marketing for financial professionals is unique and requires specific insight and management. If you’re interested in learning more about how to further your marketing efforts, contact me or schedule a call, and I’ll be happy to discuss your marketing needs with you.

Good luck!