To succeed in today’s digital world, financial advisors need a marketing strategy that enables them to meet with prospects on the various sites and platforms they utilize. Consumer video consumption continues to increase, and as it does, marketing videos are becoming a valuable tool for financial advisors.

Studies show that since 2016 video marketing by businesses has been on a steep incline. This increase is no doubt because the average person in North America now watches over 100 minutes of online video per day. That’s A LOT.

Video is a dynamic medium that financial advisors would do well to adopt. You can deploy videos on many different platforms, including websites, social media channels, and even via email marketing campaigns.

Due to the versatility that video marketing affords, it enables financial advisors to connect with their target demographic in a fashion that resonates with current consumer trends, which is a prudent way to approach lead generation.

Several different types of marketing videos have proven helpful for financial advisors. Although each type of marketing video is different in its scope, they all have use cases that can be applied to lead generation. Let’s briefly examine the most common marketing videos and their application for financial advisors.

About Us Videos

About us videos allow financial advisors to introduce themselves and their firms, providing information about who they are, what they do, and most importantly, what they can offer to their clients.

When creating an about us video, make sure that you include relevant information such as your education and work experience and go over some scenarios using current and past clients as examples (not using names, of course). Make sure to include your contact information so that prospects can reach out to you.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos allow you to demonstrate your past successes, establishing credibility, expertise, trust, and authority. You can persuade prospects to entrust you with their financial goals by highlighting your success stories.

You can create a testimonial video yourself, talking about your clients and what you’ve achieved for them. Still, these sorts of videos work better when somebody speaks directly on behalf of the client, so try to include a few guests as this demonstrates social proof, which is invaluable for converting prospects.


Webinars are another versatile type of marketing video. One advantage of webinars is that they can be live-streamed, shared after the stream has ended, and edited into various other formats, including reels, shorts, and sound bites. Best of all, webinars allow your prospects to engage with you directly, which is the perfect time to answer questions, and gain qualified leads.

You can broadcast webinars on different platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom. By promoting on several platforms simultaneously, your prospects will have a choice in terms of which platform they prefer, which is, of course, beneficial for expanding your reach and influence. Be sure to upload the webinar video to your website and share select highlights via social media and email marketing campaigns.

Analysis is Key

Video is a welcome addition to any modern marketing strategy for financial advisors. However, you must monitor the successes and failures you encounter with video marketing, as analysis and adjustment are the keys to long-term success. By measuring what works and what doesn’t, you’ll be able to fine-tune your video marketing efforts until you hit on a strategy that will reward you with a steady supply of targeted, highly qualified leads.

At Strategic Advisor Network, we can create a video marketing campaign to attract well-qualified clients to your firm. Schedule a call or contact us today to learn more.