We live in a world where many have their phones attached at the thumb. So, not surprisingly, digital marketing has exploded in popularity. At the same time, traditional offline marketing strategies still have relevance for financial services professionals.

There’s no substitution for real-world interactions and marketing strategies — many of which can fuel digital marketing efforts. Here’s how offline marketing strategies for financial advisors can help pave the path to digital marketing success.

Why Offline Marketing?

You might think that focusing all of your marketing efforts on digital marketing is the best way to reach more people faster. However, many offline marketing strategies overtake digital methods when it comes to reaching potential clients.

For example, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania reports that TV advertising remains a popular promotional strategy. According to Thinkbox research, TV offers the highest return on investment of all media. Likewise, direct mail has a success rate of 4.4%, compared to email’s 0.12%.

Offline marketing is also great for establishing trust with potential clients and growing existing client relationships. This is especially true in the financial services industry, where real-world interaction is often key to earning clients’ trust and confidence.

Offline Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

All of this is not to say you should abandon digital marketing. Rather, offline marketing strategies like those below can fuel your digital marketing efforts:

Attend Trade Shows, Conferences, and Other Events

Being a vendor, sponsor, or attendee at industry events lets you connect with other financial advisors and meet potential clients, partners, or sources of referrals. You may also request to participate in a panel discussion or breakout session to give a talk and answer audience questions.

Join Local Business Groups

Your local chamber of commerce and business networking groups are ideal places to showcase your expertise. Attend regular meetings and get to know other members and potential business partners. For example, you could partner with a real estate agent to co-host a lunch-and-learn session.

Combine Offline and Digital Marketing

In addition to adding your website URL and social media handles to offline assets, you can use modern technology to extend your reach. One popular medium is a QR code, a 2D barcode that’s scannable with smartphone cameras. Add a QR code to your offline marketing materials, and you can easily take your offline audience to online destinations. This includes websites, contact forms, and other online content.

Be a Speaker

Speaking at meetings and events or running your own workshops is a great way to build authority in your field. If public speaking isn’t your cup of tea, start small. Invite a small group to your office for an after-hours mixer. Kick it off with a 20-minute talk on a topic of interest. You can work your way up to larger-scale events with time and practice.


If you want to be a go-to financial advisor in your field, offline marketing is a great way to make that happen. Combining offline and digital marketing strategies can create an even bigger splash.

If you’d like help developing your offline marketing strategy, we’d love to help. Schedule a call or contact us online today.