No matter what marketing programs you choose to implement, content marketing should be part of each one. Value-based content is a must for all forms of marketing including newsletters, social media, public relations, case studies, websites, email drip campaigns, search engine optimization, and even Google AdWords or pay-per-click campaigns.

It may sound counterintuitive but your content shouldn’t be about trying to sell something to your readers. The goal of any content strategy should be about trying to build stronger relationships with clients and associates as a way to help them solve their issues and enhance your reputation with them.

Here are some ideas about what to consider when developing your content:

  • Consistency. Out of sight, out of mind. Any form of content should keep you relevant and present with your audience.
  • Brag a Little Bit. Showcase unique properties only your business has to offer. What makes your business special? Incorporating this into your content will make you stand out to your audience.
  • Include Loyalty Programs. Build loyalty by offering deals with a purpose. You might consider including coupons for new products. Or perhaps you include a “Thank You” coupon only available to subscribers or followers for their loyalty to your brand.

Well-written content will also enhance your SEO. Did you know archiving old newsletters on your website will help your business rank higher in searches?

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