Millions of people use social media sites in their personal lives. They are intimately acquainted with the joy of “liking” a friend’s photo or tweeting a link to a news story with a pithy comment attached. They understand the nuances of commenting on someone’s link in a way that compliments, never offends. And most of all, they listen to others. They love scrolling through their news feeds, reading what others are up to, peeking into the lives of friends, family members, and even strangers. They love using social media to learn more about the people around them.

Yet, for some reason, when those same people use social media as an internet marketing tool for their business, they do a lot less listening and a whole lot more talking. They no longer focus on what others have to say; instead, they use social media as a platform for what THEY have to say, leaving little room for the natural back and forth, give and take, that has made social media such an effective tool for communication.

Walmart is a prime example of this error. When Walmart first decided to establish a Facebook presence, the company attracted many fans to its page based solely on its reputation. But Walmart restricted the comments option from its wall posts; it didn’t understand that its fans wanted to build a relationship and hold a conversation. That move essentially told Walmart’s customers that its Facebook presence was little more than a one-way advertisement, and it quickly lost out on a golden opportunity to strengthen its brand.

    • When you utilize social media for your business, are you listening as much, if not more, than you’re speaking?
    • Are you reading and responding to others as much as you are putting your own content and opinions out there?

Be sure to strike a balance if you want to strengthen your brand.

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