Social media is now essential to every aspect of business, including branding, new client acquisition, and client retention. Using social media for recruiting is the same, although many are rarely encouraged or trained in this area. When building a team or recruiting for your firm, it isn’t often top of mind to leverage social media to find the most qualified candidates for available roles or advertise open opportunities.

Financial services organizations need to be aware of social media’s potential to improve recruiting by identifying the best candidates and convincing them to apply for and accept the position.

Here are some tips to utilize social media in your recruitment process:

Increase brand recognition.

Recruitment-focused social media strategies will not succeed with an established online brand. Brand strength has become more critical to profitability and competition as your firm or team competes for attention on social media by consistently posting on the platforms that best reach the ideal audience.

An intentional social media strategy can contribute to a strong brand. Start by understanding the company’s brand’s current position and how it may help or hinder the talent pipeline. A solid online brand presence is also demonstrated by consistent interaction from staff members, clients, and candidates, especially ‘likes’ and clicks on job posts.

Consider how valuable the information is to clients and staff if engagement is low.

For example, sharing pictures of employees and team-building exercises gives followers a useful glimpse into corporate culture, but more is needed to increase engagement. The content might be interesting to only some of the audience. Tracking engagement will help to determine future messages.

Using social media for recruiting helps create connections.

Online recruiting is all about relationships. Therefore, recruiters should focus on personal branding to establish lasting bonds. One of the best websites for doing this is LinkedIn has a large professional audience and reputation as a hub for job posts. According to Pew Research Center, 51% of those with a bachelor’s degree or higher claim to use LinkedIn.

Suppose a particular LinkedIn profile seems a good fit. In that case, recruiters could consider personally contacting a candidate via LinkedIn Messager or email to encourage them to apply or determine their interest level. Also, once someone joins the team, encourage new hires to mention their new positions on their personal accounts, tagging the company page after being hired.

We encourage you to add social media to your recruiting strategy to locate the best candidates and create a future talent pipeline. If your team needs help with how to put together a strong recruiting strategy on LinkedIn or other social media platforms, please contact us today.