You’ve been marketing, marketing, marketing, but it’s just not producing the results you expect or desire.  And you can not understand it!  You love your logo; you adore your website, enjoy your social networking sites… what’s wrong???

Perhaps it’s not your audience… maybe it’s you.

Many times, we fall head over heels for our own marketing items and strategies.  They seem so great!  Our websites are gorgeous; our brochures are four-color with attractive pictures; our blog is up to date.  But, see, that’s the problem.  These are all marketing items that you like, but they might not resonate with your potential customers.

You’ve lost sight of the real “bullseye,” the actual target.: It frequently happens in marketing.  We become inwardly focused rather than asking, “What does my client need to know?  What does he or she want to see?”  Many times, his or her expectations aren’t what you would expect.  In fact, many times, they aren’t what would appeal to you in the least.  But you still have to implement them if you want to remain competitive.

It isn’t a crime to like your marketing, of course.  But if it’s not producing anything in the way of sales, leads, or interest, it may be time to ask yourself the tough question:  “Am I marketing for them… or am I marketing for me?”

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