Did you know that 75% of potential hires are not actively searching for a new position but would be open to discussing new opportunities?  

This large group of potential candidates opens up significant possibilities for those firms interested in recruiting IXP or EXP advisors.  

Do you have a plan to proactively attract these passive candidates?

The days of using ineffective tools and approaches to filling the recruiting pipeline are long gone.  


  • Depending so heavily on referrals from internal advisors.
  • Putting all of your eggs into college job fairs, standing around for hours in the hopes you’ll get at least one semi-promising candidate.
  • Posting mindlessly on Careerbuilder, Indeed, or Monster.

Instead, take control of the recruiting process and adopt new and modern ways to source your ideal candidates.  

Enhance Your Brand.

With so many firms competing for top talent, crafting a compelling story that illustrates your unique differentiators is a must.  

Your story must answer important questions like:

  • What makes your firm stand out from the rest?  
  • Why would an EXP even consider moving—or losing— his or her book of business?  

Getting your message laser clear—ensuring everyone and every piece of material associated with recruiting is painfully consistent—is one of the keys to building a solid plan.

Leverage Social Media.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can be invaluable. Social media not only attracts those passive candidates, it allows you to conduct a preliminary check prior to contacting a candidate to ensure their values align with those of the firm.

Here are a few best practices when using social media for recruiting:

    • Use hashtags to help keep your posts at the top of social media feeds.
    • Interact with your audience, don’t spam them. Remember, you both need to feel like it’s a good fit before taking the next step.
    • Join industry online groups and forums.
    • Use video! We can’t stress this enough. And, yes, compliance will be somewhat of an issue, but it can be done. Sharing firm events, outings, or even an office tour helps to humanize your brand and make your firm more appealing.

Use Public Relations to Get the Word Out.

PR is so much more than sending out press releases. A strong public relations approach might include:

    • Getting booked as a guest speaker at a local university.
    • Being a featured guest on a podcast.
    • Having a local newspaper interview you due to a growing job market.

No matter which of the above you choose (we hope a combination of all), it’s how you consistently use these strategies in your recruiting process that is the key to success.

If you are struggling with recruiting and retention, our team at Strategic Advisor Network has developed a systematic approach to help you fill your recruiting pipelines. Contact us today for more information.

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