The latest computer technology and enhanced web development tools are making it easier than ever to quickly and easily film and edit video. However, many businesses aren’t sure how to incorporate video into their marketing strategy.

Our team at Strategic Advisor Network is here to offer ideas on how to utilize video technology in your social media and Internet marketing strategies.

    • First Talk. Imagine using a video instead of a PowerPoint presentation. What a great way to differentiate your firm and ensure all advisors are telling the same story.
    • Company Overview. Showing the culture of your firm will humanize it to the audience. Remember, clients are more likely to buy from a business they feel is trustworthy. Also, having video that offers an inside glimpse of your business can also help from a recruiting standpoint.
    • Viral Advertisements. If you are clever enough to create something memorable and unique that taps your audience’s emotion, then chances are it will be shared across social media again and again.
    • Broadcast Public Relations Stories. Clients don’t just want to read about interesting things, they want to see them. Consider posting a video when your company is honored for industry achievements or receives high recognition for a service.

Videos can be great marketing tools because of the power of social sharing. One video can be posted to all of your social media accounts, in addition to being embedded in your company website. Also, the more engaging or interesting your video content, the more likely your followers will share it with their circles.

Contact us today to discuss your video marketing ideas and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.