This past Thursday, during a complimentary coaching session with a prospective client (let’s call him John) he began the call by saying:

Since the pandemic hit, I have self-doubts and am depressed about my business. I have so many great ideas but I’m procrastinating and not moving forward at all. I used to be productive. Now, I’m just not motivated. I’ve never worked with a coach before. Can you help me?”

Whew! John said a mouthful, didn’t he?

My response was:

John, first let me say that how you are feeling is normal and fairly common considering the economic environment we are experiencing. To answer your question specifically, I can indeed help you to make shifts in your behavior which could motivate you to take action and ultimately result in increased revenue for your business. Would you answer a question for me?

What are you doing that makes no sense at all?

At first, John was taken aback. He had never thought about his actions or lack of taking action making no sense at all. That one question opened up an entire conversation about what he wanted to accomplish both short and long term.

By the end of our very first session, John was able to get really clear about what he wanted to accomplish in his business and personal life. He also walked away from our call with a defined action plan (including timelines) to help him meet the goals he outlined.

John engaged in my services as a business coach and I am honored to be a part of his quest for professional fulfillment. His willingness to do the work will surely take his business to new levels of success.

John’s homework assignment was to complete a specific assessment I provided. This would be the vehicle we would use to tackle the topic of self-motivation. We needed to gain a better understanding of why John was procrastinating.

While I’m all about meeting and exceeding goals and objectives, I do believe we still need to focus on how you feel and want to feel, not just on what you want to produce.

Sometimes my clients feel the need to focus all of their coaching time on how to produce more tangible or financial results. But do not forget the intangibles, such as feeling happier, peaceful, and inspired. Results are very important, but the feelings you experience during your day are equally important. Think of a brick wall; the bricks are the results, the mortar is the feelings. Enjoy having both.

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