It should be no surprise that companies who are adept in personalized marketing see a boost in sales often by double digits. I’m sure you will agree that increasing sales by double digits sounds enticing. So, what can you do right now to accomplish this? Let’s discuss two essential phases of the sales process.

Prospecting Phase

Make sure to send all of your email messages from a real person, not a company. Your emails (even the automated ones) should come from an actual person, not an “info@” or “marketing@” email address. Also, consider adding your photo to the signature line.

Personalize your message. Targeting your message to the audience helps to increase the response rate. The first step in creating a targeted campaign is to segment your database. Segmentation could be by industry, job title, or geography. Whatever you choose, use language your audience identifies with.

Create targeted landing pages toward different segments. Customize the language and message on your landing pages to address the specific need of that particular segment and do this for each segment.

Appointment Phase

Identify the prospects’ personality type. Whether you use Dominance / Consciousness / Influence / Steady or Driver / Expressive / Analytical / Amiable, identifying the prospects personality type, then crafting your sales pitch to mirror it helps to move the sales process along quicker.

Sell today, educate tomorrow. Your goal is to find out why, and under what circumstances, the prospect would buy from you. Put your “educating” responsibilities to the side. Instead, consider starting your personalized message with a question to get the prospect to open up about the issues they are facing.

Send a handwritten thank-you note. This is not an old-fashioned technique! Sending a handwritten thank-you note to someone who made time in their schedule to meet with you gives your prospect another reason to think about you, your company, and how you can solve his/her problems.

All of these personalization tools will help your prospective customers feel comfortable choosing you over your competition. If you are interested in learning how to implement any or all of these marketing strategies, please contact us today.