You know the old saying when life gives you lemons . . . you make lemonade!

We’re all dealing with a new reality. Public events and schools are canceled, people are hoarding toilet paper [ugh!], and work from home policies are being enforced.

As a business owner, one of the first reactions you may have is to panic.

    • Sales are going to plummet.
    • I don’t have enough cash reserves to get through this.
    • People aren’t going to buy during a pandemic.
    • My employees aren’t going actually to work while at home.

While there may be a sliver of truth to some of those emotional reactions, please don’t forget that you get to choose how you handle this situation.

Are you feeding into the media frenzy or taking the emotion out of the situation and relying on your strategic self to push through and come out on the other side?

Just because the “sky is falling” doesn’t mean that people have stopped living or buying items. Sure, the sales process may not look the same as it did before this virus hit the world, but take this time to choose to continue to build positive momentum.

I’ve pulled together some tips I’ve been sharing with my Business Coaching Clients to help them stay focused on designing and executing their business plans for 2020:

Existing Clients

Your Clients are people, just like you. They are also dealing with uncertainty but also find they have more time on their hands. Why not take this opportunity to proactively reach out and remind them you are more than just a vendor; you are their Partner! Be authentic and talk through any issues or concerns they might have — around business or even dealing with unexpected child care.

I’m finding that those Clients who were once “too busy” or “distracted,” aka difficult to pin down, are now much easier to get a response from. Bottom line: this is a great time to reconnect with your Clients and get those loose ends tied up!

New Client Acquisition

Please stay calm and keep executing your marketing plan! So, your upcoming seminar might have to be canceled . . . move it to a webinar instead. Video conferencing capabilities have come a long way!

During this time of quarantine, your audience is much more captive. They are going to take the time to read that email or scroll through your social media feed. Heck, they are probably more likely to sign up for a complimentary consultation now than they were before all of the world madness occurring. Your target audience has more time on their hands — no commutes = more time. Be smart about how you are getting in front of the — digital is king in this new environment!

I know you want to grow your business, and there is no better time than NOW to do just that.

Whether you’re a business owner or financial professional, the tools you need to get started are within reach. Contact me, or schedule a call.