Press releases are easy to write but difficult to write effectively. Let us clarify: They aren’t hard to write well, but they do take a certain focused effort that many marketing professionals don’t adhere to. The essential elements of an effective press release are clear and engaging text, the careful selection of recipients, and the right timing of the press release.

Press release writing should be easy to read and engaging. Write like a journalist, keeping your opinions out of it. If you write something that’s too flowery or glowing, chances are it won’t get taken seriously. Make the news clear in the beginning and add just enough details to engage the reader and wanting to find out more.

Distributing the press release to the right reporters, editors, and broadcasters is critical. You can write the best press release in the world, but if you don’t put it in the right hands, you’ve wasted your time. In this digital age, there’s no excuse for not doing your homework and figuring out exactly who you should send your press release to.

The timing of your press release is crucial. Timing should consider both the media reporters and the target audience. If you distribute the press release too early, chances are it will slip through the cracks or be forgotten about. If you distribute it too late, it won’t get the desired audience, or the desired effect, you’re hoping for. Find out when the reporters’ deadlines are and work around those.

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