You’re not alone if your financial firm has been struggling to find new talent.

Deloitte’s Center for Controllership asked over 1200 hiring managers in financial services to share their insights, and the results were staggering. For example, 82.3% of hiring managers expect to be struggling to find and keep new talent for the next 12 months.

Yes, new talent in the financial sector is hard to come by, but it is out there. The strong and thriving financial team you’ve envisioned for your firm is within your reach.

So, how do we get there? At Strategic Advisor Network, we have some innovative recruiting advice to help your firm build the dynamic team you’ve been hoping to have.

Recruiting amid change

The financial sector is evolving, and new talent is required to bring the tech skills that your financial firm needs for both today and tomorrow.

Those getting into financial advising may be skeptical of the digital shift when they should be excited! Technology won’t replace experts; their roles will be enhanced by it. Aside from financial advisors, new roles are being created. A recent study by DICE revealed that Software Engineers are in high demand at financial firms, reflected in 28% of job postings from January to May 2022.

Although change does not come easily, change does provide endless opportunities for innovations. Therefore, when recruiting new talent, emphasize the exciting opportunities of digitizing your firm.

How are you marketing your job ads?

According to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, there are 6.27 million unemployed people in the U.S.

The key is promoting the awesome opportunities at your financial firm in the right places and to the right audience. Technology Advice lists the top strategies for recruiting new talent.

Here are the top three and how you can apply them to your financial firm:

1. Develop a clear employer brand.

“Your employer brand is what will set you apart from other hiring companies and shows candidates why they should work for you.”

You want new financial advisors to know that your firm is like no other. So take the time to reflect upon your company’s performance. What is your reputation in today’s industry? What are your services?

2. Create job posts that reflect your company.

Your posts may well be the first impression that job seekers get. Choose the language that reflects the general vibe of your existing team. Do you joke around in the breakroom or keep it formal?

With job posts that reflect your financial firm, we guarantee that you will attract talent that will fit right in.

3. Make use of social media.

The next generation of job seekers spends A LOT of time on social media, not just watching funny cat videos.

‘Social recruiting’ has become a familiar and successful strategy across all sectors. Make use of platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to connect with your new financial team.

We understand the challenges that come with recruiting new talent. But, by developing new recruiting tactics, you will find the flourishing team you need to keep your financial firm thriving. So let us help you get started! Schedule a call or contact us online today.