If I were to ask you about your business, what would you say?

Do you love it? OR Do you think of it as your ‘golden handcuffs?

Whether you’re overwhelmed, just plain old bored, or setting the world on fire, I thought I’d share some insight into what my most successful clients and colleagues do when they are focused on leveling up:

What is leveling up?

If your kids play video games, I’m sure you’ve heard them discuss acquiring a new level by earning points or meeting certain requirements. Much like that scenario, leveling up in your personal or professional life means adopting new attitudes and skills to take your business or life to new levels of success.  

What Immediate Action Can You Take to Begin the Process of Leveling Up?

Reflect:  It may sound overly simple, but this is such an important foundational component to the process.  Block out time, grab a pen and notepad or your journal and dig in:

1. The Good – Begin by thinking about everything that went well over the past 12 months. Start to list everything that positively impacted your life or business, e.g., a new marketing strategy, more vacation time with family, or perhaps implementing or refining systems.  Get as micro as possible, and take credit for every little thing.

2. The Bad – OK, this may actually be easier than listing all of the ‘good’ things.  Start a fresh list and begin to brain dump all of the things that were duds, e.g., a less than stellar presentation, lack of work/life balance, or an underperforming new hire.  

3. The Ugly – Whew, this category is for the epic fails that you experienced.  {BTW – I’m not suggesting that failure is bad – without failure, how else would we learn and grow?}  There are 3 columns in this category: 

First, list out those situations or decisions that you have resolved to absolutely NEVER encounter again, e.g., overpaying for a service, missing your revenue projections, or maybe a relationship has gone awry.

In the second column, list out what you could have done {if anything} to prevent the ‘ugliness’ from happening.

In the third column, outline what you learned from each situation.

Set some goals:  Even the sharks from Shark Tank set goals.  This the season, right? If you’re interested in a new approach to setting goals, I’ll share the goal sheet I use with all of my clients.   

Join a Mastermind:  The most efficient and {I believe the} quickest way to level up your personal and professional life is by joining a mastermind group.  A mastermind group allows you to learn from those who have experienced incredible successes and are willing to encourage you to take massive action to achieve your goals.  It’s also an opportunity for networking and getting one-on-one assistance from those who genuinely want to help move your business forward.

Whether you’re a business owner or financial professional, the tools you need to get started are within reach. Contact me, or schedule a call, and I’ll be happy to chat!