With a few weeks left in the summer season, you still have time to get creative with your summer marketing campaigns. One way to boost sales during the summer months is to create an exciting partner package with another business that not only makes sense for your customers but will benefit you both.

Here are some ideas:

Offering a discount to patrons of another local business.

This means you partner with another business to offer an incentive to customers who buy from BOTH of you. For example, anyone with a receipt from the local water taxi or ferry service gets 25% off at your business. The incentive for your partner is to create a unique selling proposition for buyers to purchase from them, and in return, it generates a boost for your business.

Utilize a partner to get “Free” advertising.

Let’s say your business spends a lot of money on goods from a high-profile vendor. Perhaps that vendor would be willing to let you advertise your product to their clients. For example, if a summer camp spends $1,000-a-week on hot dogs from a local deli during August, perhaps the owner would be willing to post a camp banner advertisement in their restaurant year-round. After all, the deli stands to benefit from the camp’s continued success each summer, and the camp can always benefit from free ad space in a popular location.

Combine products with a partner to sell a package.

It could also be beneficial to combine your products and services with others to create a unique selling proposition. For example, if a restaurant partnered with a nearby hotel or movie theater to create a “date night” package that can be marketed to couples. You can sell the grouped services and split the profits with the company you are partnered with.

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