The first impression you give a client significantly impacts how they interact with your firm and may even determine how long they stay a client. That’s why client onboarding is so important. Using the information outlined in this article, consider creating or improving the onboarding process for your clients and your employees.

What Is Client Onboarding?

Client onboarding provides clients the resources to work with your business, welcoming them into your organization. If done right, an exceptional onboarding process will increase the likelihood that clients will become satisfied and loyal, ultimately staying with your firm for a significant time.

Why Having an Onboarding Process Is Crucial

Your onboarding process will determine how a client will interact with you moving forward. A well-planned onboarding sequence helps clients feel like they are working with the right firm instead of a disconnected or nonexistent introduction, which can leave clients feeling lost and irritated.

Also, you and your staff communicate with each client during the onboarding to thoroughly understand their goals and expectations. Establishing clear expectations up front for punctuality and deliverables is crucial for successful customer engagement.

Ensuring you and the client are on the same page regarding deliverables, expectations, and other factors are benefits of the onboarding process. An appropriately onboarded client understands the worth of your services, is aware of timelines, has confidence in your capacity to deliver, and is very likely to provide outstanding referrals.

Components of an Onboarding Campaign

The basic components of a successful onboarding process may include the following:

  • Welcome/Thank You
  • Client Meeting Summary
  • Introduction to Team Members
  • Our Process
  • Update
  • Wrap Up
  • Referral
  • Review

If you have any questions about how to improve or design your client onboarding process, please contact us. We’ve helped many financial advisors create outstanding onboarding programs for their clients, positively impacting the client experience.