Given that there are so many opportunities to capture attention online, brands can effectively use the Internet to be discovered. Although anyone can create their own brand, success isn’t as easy as it seems. High competition for consumers’ attention exists, especially in the financial services industry. There is only so much room in potential clients’ minds, and the only way you can stay “front of mind” is by choosing the most impactful strategies possible.

There’s no “magic code” that will instantly give you massive brand visibility. There are, however, basic strategies that, when combined and consistently applied, can produce incredible results quickly – in many cases, in 30 days or less.

Here are three effective brand-boosting strategies specifically recommended for financial professionals:

1. Publish SEO-Friendly Content Weekly

Websites – and by extension, blogs – are considered necessities for any business today. It can help you attract customers via organic search traffic – each post you publish becomes a “knowledge asset” that can keep attracting visitors for years.

HubSpot, an online wealth of marketing resources offers the following suggestions regarding the frequency of posting original content:

    • To maximize organic traffic: small blogs post three to four new posts per week, and large blogs try for four to five posts per week (including updated posts).
    • For improving brand awareness: small blogs post one to two new posts per week, and large blogs post three to four times per week (including updated posts).
      * A small blog is considered one with a limited team and writing staff.

2. It’s Social Media — Be Social

You can take advantage of all of the attention on social media just by getting involved in conversations. As you gain followers by being active, engage with these people in meaningful conversations. Your community will reward you with shares, likes, comments, and referrals.

Use hashtags and follow community members whose content you find engaging – these hacks can help more people discover you on social media.

One of the easiest ways to gain relevant followers and generate explosive organic exposure is running a contest. People will participate as long as participating is simple, rules are clearly defined, and prizes are irresistibly attractive.

Make sure that your prizes are relevant to your brand’s services or products, though. Otherwise, you will attract followers who are outside of your target audience.

3. Launch an Ads Awareness Campaign on Facebook

As the cost of Facebook ad campaigns increases almost every day, many brands have a hard time maintaining the cost per click (CPC) levels needed to run campaigns profitably. Not every brand can afford to lose money upfront to acquire new customers.

To increase your exposure without blowing your ad budget, opt for video ad campaigns that build brand awareness and set your campaign goal to “impressions.” This will deliver your ad to the most people, letting your ad creative engage and deliver your message to more potential buyers.

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